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"To talk about homes is to talk about dreams"


Creative director and founder

I studied Interior Design, because I was always fascinated by how I felt when entering spaces, defining whether they were beautiful, harmonious, loud, cold, warm... and I loved imagining, how and what would I change to feel better, if I had to live or work there. Enter a harmonious and balanced space, always has motivated and inspired me.

During my professional experience, I had the opportunity to observe and experience how the environment directly impacts people, in his moods and in his character.

There I began a parallel journey, which led me to study Coaching.

This path that I followed, complementary, led me to discover that spaces are not places, they are feelings; and from that new perspective, I returned again to my passion and my essence, creating my own studio, to help and guide people, in the great purpose of inhabiting their spaces.

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Shall we work together on your project?


LAMIMO is an interior design studio with headquarters in Barcelona that was born to help people create homes full of stories.

The studio is made up of a great team of professionals of different disciplines that ensure that the final result is the best.

We strive to find creative solutions to design nice spaces and functional than improve quality of life of our clients.

We put all our enthusiasm into every detail, in each and every one of our projects.

We want the client to have a positive personal experience, by spending time at home, that you have a sensory experience, within the space it inhabits.

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