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A home

Throughout my years of study they taught me to project, to define spaces and to understand them. They taught me to design objects and furniture. They were exceptional years of great discoveries that opened the doors to this world of interior design.

Over time, therefore, I realized that I knew nothing of the intangible, of the reason for that feeling of home when you arrive at your house, that was not in the books.

I discovered that the house also speaks to us, in its own way and, as in any relationship, you have to know how to listen to it. She is the reflection of who we are and, if we observe, we will see how she evolves with us.

Perhaps years ago you bought something that you loved and looking at it today does not identify you. We all change over time and our house must accompany us in this process.

We should be able to review our homes and see if everything in them makes us feel comfortable, brings us joy and/or inspires us.

Who hasn't felt safe when they got home

after a hard day's work? Who hasn't wanted to get home after a long trip?

That feeling is unique and, if you don't feel that way, you should stop and think about what has changed, what that feeling is telling you, where you are. Sometimes it is generated by a personal change, other times, by a stage of life that ends or begins.

Sometimes simply changing objects, different colors, shapes or textures, is enough to redirect those feelings, in others, you have to know how to say goodbye to our home, because we already lived in it everything we had to live and another is waiting to accompany us in this new stage of our life.

Be that as it may, the important thing is to know that, in all cases, the ultimate goal is that the homes we create are spaces of well-being, in which we recover our strength, are happy and feel positive.

We all have the right to live in a home that is good for us, that embraces us and makes us feel at peace.

Let's work on it together!!

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