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From that same sensitivity that we have to create spaces for well-being, Lamimo was born. 

This is our most intimate project, which arose from our need to find unique pieces or with added value to decorate our clients' spaces.


In that search we decided to select what we identified with and that reflected the values with which we walk.

For all this we ventured to design and make several of the objects with which we decorate and, on the other hand,,to choose very special pieces, because we know all the properties that will add to a space.


Lamimo is the word that defines us. It defines the treatment towards our things and objects, towards our clients and towards our work and our focus is on craftsmanship, personalization and the creation of unique objects that embellish and transform our clients' spaces. Every object we design and create is an expression of beauty and meaning, and we are committed to quality and sustainability at all times.

Casa de lujo

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